Hilliard High Alumni Association, Inc.

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bay city high school alma mater

Proudly we hail the cherished gold & blue
To our dear high school we'll ever be true
While years go by, we place none above you,
Bay City High School, we'll always love you.

To our young hearts you have always been dear,
Enriching our lives through all of these years,
For honor and game, joy and gladness too,
For faith and friendship, we'll always love you

With pride we hail our dear BCHS,
Who gave to our lives so much happiness,
To you ideas, let us ever be true,
Our dear old high school, we'll always love you.

fight song (victory march)

Let's give a cheer for Bay City High!
Wake up the echoes singing her name.
Send a volley cheer on high;
Shake down the thunder from the sky!

What though the odds be great or small,
Bay City High will win over all,
While her loyal students go marching,
Onward to victory - RAH! RAH! RAH!

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