Hilliard High Alumni Association, Inc.

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Reply Julie Kono-Manning
5:53 PM on October 11, 2016 
Letecia Hilliard-Woolridge says...
It is so ironic that I would actually meet my friend of 13 years on my job, only to find out that she(Brenda Earls) graduated from Hilliard High in 1970.

Dear Leticia --
You won't recgonize my name, but my husband is the son of Linda Johnson (Jones) who graduated from Hilliard High School in 1970. We are interested in getting information or maybe a yearbook for your class. My email is [email protected] if you get this message.
Reply george Collins III
7:18 PM on June 9, 2016 
hello everyone from Bay City Hililard High
Reply Calvin Williams
1:16 PM on May 20, 2016 
I plan on attending the reunion in July. However, I have yet to see or get any info on the plan of events. As a matter of fact, the Reunion itself isn't posted either.
Please update the website so we can get info to help us plan accordingly, ASAP.
Reply Bobby Brown
4:37 PM on July 6, 2014 
The reunion this year was a great success! The fellowship was great and seeing all the leadership and fellowship did me good. I can't wait to see all of the photos from the different events! The speakers were great and the banquet was a fantastic success!
Reply Tamara Gibbs
6:32 PM on February 17, 2014 
Please contact me regarding the Judge John Paul Davis Scholarship Fund. Thank you.
Reply Pat Jackson
11:15 PM on July 17, 2012 
The 28th All Classes reunion/Convention was a success thanks to all who attended or shared in the preparations! If any of you who purchased a CD during the Reunion cannot get it to work, just download a powerpoint program from the computer (free download) and you will be able to view the pictures. You must have powerpoint on your co9mputer to view it. Thanks for a good time!
Reply Bobby Brown
10:28 PM on July 16, 2012 
We had a ball at the reunion this year! It just keeps getting better... Class of 1980 won the roll call!!! Can't wait till next year...
Reply Georeg F. Collins III
5:34 PM on March 14, 2012 
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I will be in Houston later this year and i will be sure to come to bay city to see people I still remember. I saw Patricia Edison's pic her brother David was in my class and her aunt Mrs Fountain was was my English teacher actually every bodies English teacher)
Reply Pat Spiller Jackson
5:20 PM on July 16, 2011 
What a wonderful All Classes Reunion/Convention! It was so amazing to see and chat with so many of my friends from way back and to renew friendship with some of the gang I went to school with at Bay City High. As your President, I want to say thanks for all the memories and for the participation of each of you. We could not have had such a great time if not for you! I am a working president and woud like all of you to submit any comments or suggestions to make next year's reunion even better. Yes, pictures are coming soon, starting with the picnic on Friday. If anyone would like a CD of the featured pictures from 1950' to the '60s let us know so we can mail you one. Price is $3.00. Once again thanks. By the way, the Association will be sponsoring an awareness against tobacco in August. Stay tune for more information.
Reply Bobby Brown
11:13 PM on July 5, 2011 
We had a great time at the All Classes Reunion this weekend! The food was great... The fellowship was fantastic and that Ole Hilliard Spirit flowed like.water. The banquet was super with a live Band and DJ... I hope someone was taking pictures because we looked good!
Reply Letecia Hilliard-Woolridge
10:23 AM on June 22, 2011 
It is so ironic that I would actually meet my friend of 13 years on my job, only to find out that she(Brenda Earls) graduated from Hilliard High in 1970.
Reply Letecia Hilliard-Woolridge
10:18 AM on June 22, 2011 
Great to see some Hilliard history so I can teach my grand kids. Thanks.
Reply Jeretta Randon-Crain
11:14 AM on June 15, 2011 
Wow that was a great walk down memory lane, it has been years. This is an awesome website , so glad I got a chance to view it. I had great fun at Hilliard!
Reply Beverly Edison-Harris
8:03 PM on May 24, 2011 
Awesome site! It was great to walk back down memory lane as I viewed the pics.

Reply Bobby Brown
4:18 PM on May 23, 2011 
The all classes reunion is rapidly approaching. Get ready, get ready, get ready!!!!!
Reply Pat Jackson
2:21 PM on December 29, 2010 
The Hanging of the Green was well attended and a great success. Thanks to all who participated and to Ruth Young for steering this activity.
Reply Ruth Young
10:53 AM on November 2, 2010 
Hanging of the Green scheduled for December 11, 2010 from 6:00pm until 9:00pm. More details to come. Set your calender and make plans to be there.
Reply Bobby Brown
7:09 PM on July 6, 2010 
We did it big at this years reunion and Banquet. If you missed it, you missed it!
Reply Sonny Salas
3:43 PM on July 3, 2010 
Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being a part of the 26th Annual Hilliard High School Alumni Convention. My wife and I met some wonderful people today and revisited some "old" friends as well. We had a wonderful time! God bless you all!
Reply Ruth Young
11:07 AM on April 21, 2010 
BJ I would like to join the Panther Pubs for Agape Family Outreach Church. Let me know what I need to do.
Reply B L Brown
5:24 PM on March 23, 2010 
I think the website is great...........however I am left to wonder why there is no space given to our former leaders of Hilliard, such as photos, biographical information of former principals, teachers, etc, even mention of social and community contributions made by former graduates of Hilliard. I would be wonderful to see some of these things posted as well as the goings on of today!
Reply Devora Hebert
5:40 PM on February 26, 2010 
I was able to review the website and it was very nice, and well organized.
Reply Ralph Roberson
11:29 PM on January 10, 2010 
Great website! A job well done.
Reply Liz Meurer
9:20 PM on December 12, 2009 
Had a wonderful time at the hanging of the greens!
Reply Jewellene King
2:33 PM on October 22, 2009 
Great website!! Looking forward to viewing in the future.
Reply Rev Frank Garrett Jr
9:53 PM on October 21, 2009 
Very nice web site. Congratulations HHAA, Inc. and kudo's to my member, Mrs. Pat Jackson, President.
Reply Dora Duncan
3:19 AM on October 21, 2009 
HI-TECH! I think the site looks great. Congratulations on a job well done. To open the page to the Panther brings back many wonderful memories at the old alma mater.
Reply Angela Dale
5:50 PM on October 19, 2009 
Absolutely, wonderfully fantastic. Thank you so much Bobby Joe Brown for getting the website initiated. I can't wait to see future features. Will it have a link to the Bay City High School Alumni included in the future? How long will it take to populate more activities on the calendar? The calendar feature is awesome. Do you have individual pictures of the board with a brief biography? Do you have committee names and who are the chairs of the committees? I'm excited for the organization. Smile. Angela.
Reply Donnye Stone
5:29 PM on October 18, 2009 
I just love it. So, we're moving on up. This is all good. Thank you Bobby Brown.
Reply Pastor P.R. Mayfield, Sr.
4:25 PM on October 18, 2009 
Well done and very nice indeed. We pray all your efforts will be successsful.
Reply Pamela King
3:41 PM on October 18, 2009 
The website looks really nice. Congratulation and "The Best Is Yet To Come".
Reply Melvin Brown Sr.
9:56 AM on October 18, 2009 
We are heading into a new era,and the Dallas Chapter of the Hilliard Alumni Assn. WILL BE ON BOARD!!!! Melvin Brown Sr.
Reply Patricia Jackson
11:42 PM on October 16, 2009 
You are super! What a good looking layout! See, this is the reason I needed you on the team (smile). See you on tomorrow!